The first day of school can be a blessing or a nightmare for students. On that awesome day, children come to school to discover new friends, new opportunities, and new challenges. They also arrive in a new world that is filled with unknowns. It is both a time of excitement and dread for most students.

Along with all of the other things that take place, an image of what the rest of the school year will be like is planted in the minds of many of the students. Unfortunately for some, the first impression is not positive. They often do not have the same clothes, the same resources, nor the same school supplies in hand as their peers. These are the students who, through no fault of their own, are characterized as "underpriviledged" or "disadvantaged" which are ehemisms for "lower class person.

Beginning school in such a manner often leads a student to conclude that (s)he will neverbe able to compete on a par with other students. This attitude then manifests itself in the many ways in which children act out their sense of low self-esteem. In order to help their students, an estimated 96% of public school teachers use their own money to provide esstential school supplies to some of their students. Still, thousands of students begin that first day without adequate supplies required by the school system.

The guiding principle of the FIRST DAY FUND is that every child deserves an opportunity to have a sense of dignity on that first day of school. To this end, we endeavor to provide school supplies to individuals while keeping all student information in strict confidence in order to maintain the anonymity of each recipient.


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June 2011 press release